Sava Perovic Surgical Team

Dr Rados Djinovic with Dr Vlada Pesic

Sava Perovic Surgical Team leader Rados Djinovic

For the last seven years of his life, Dr Sava Perovic personally trained Dr Rados Djinovic to perform all of the Great Professor's 74 complex uro-genital procedures and more.

Finally, Dr Perovic also bequeathed to Dr Djinovic his legendary bag of urological and surgical "Tips & Tricks" which the Professor had compiled during more than 20,000 operations spanning nearly four decades.

Urological surgery by Professor Sava Perovic MD is a cooperative Team effort

As can be seen on TV programs such as “House” or “Grey's Anatomy” or “Scrubs” or any film about surgery (and any photograph of Dr Perovic or Dr Djinovic performing surgery anywhere) surgeons do not work alone and have other people assisting them during an operation.

Nobody performs surgery alone.

During the last three years of the Professor's life, Dr Djinovic (far right in the photo to the right) led the Sava Perovic Foundation Surgical Team under the direct supervision and guidance of Dr Perovic. He is now Chairman of the Sava Perovic Foundation which continues the Professor's great work.

Complex, challenging urological microsurgery involves several surgeons and many supporting medical personnel

The more than 74 urologic surgical procedures Dr Perovic performed on a regular basis included some of the most complex and challenging microsurgery procedures done anywhere that took up to 9-11 hours.

Dr Djinovic was always there beside the Professor as well as always one, two, three or more of the surgeons on the Sava Perovic Foundation Surgical Team with up to half a dozen other medical personnel involved.

Surgery is cooperative work.

Dr Rados Djinovic, primary permanent member of of the Sava Perovic Surgical Team in Belgrade

Dr Rados Djinovic assisted Professor Perovic during almost every surgical procedure Dr Perovic performed anywhere on the planet during his last seven years.

Personally chosen by Dr Perovic to carry on the Sava Perovic Foundation mission in the decades ahead, for several years he was Dr Perovic's personal representative and the leader of his Belgrade Team” and “Team Serbia.

If Dr Perovic performed surgery in any country, such as Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Switzerland, China or Serbia, Dr Djinovic was there assisting him.

He participated in all pre-operative consultations as well as any post-op examinations conducted by Professor Perovic

During the final years of the Sava Perovic's life, Dr Djinovic was the Professor's primary spokesperson regarding all medical matters, handling both pre-op consultations and managing post-operative patient care.

Radoš (pronounced RAH-DAWSH) has been a medical doctor for nearly two decades.

His specialty is General and Reconstructive Surgery.

He was an intern at the Clinical Center of Serbia and his General Surgery Residency was from April 2000 to June 2005 at University of Belgrade School of Medicine.

From May 2004, he traveled with Dr Perovic to perform surgery worldwide nearly 50 times .

Dr Vladislav 'Vlada' Pesic, Sava Perovic Foundation Surgical Team, Belgrade, Serbia

Almost all Perovic surgical procedures are long, complex, and among the most challenging and difficult operations being performed by urogenital reconstructive surgeons anywhere.

They require a TEAM of surgeons.

Dr Djinovic performs surgery with help from other very talented and highly experienced surgeons in the operating theater, including Dr Vladislav (Vlada) Pesic, the Team's “sprinter”.

He's the man the Team turns to when delicate, specialized and advanced work is needed fast.

Examples are preparation of re-engineered skin for step one urethroplasty done during Total Phalloplasty Stage One and preparation of our special penile prosthesis envelopes which tremendously reduce the primary complications of those implants.

An important member of our Foundation, he has the tremendous stamina, concentration and focus needed for our marathon 10-11 hour surgeries.

Richard RothHaas was Professor Perovic's first and only international case manager and patient advocate.

Sava Perovic Foundation Case Manager Richard RothHaas

He continues to perform that function for the Sava Perovic Foundation and Surgical Team. He is the only non-Serbian.

He was initially recruited primarily to give patients worldwide direct access to the Perovic Art of Urogenital Surgery and eliminate the need for anyone to pay “gatekeepers” or “agents” for access to our surgical solutions.

He also manages the Foundation's strategic communications: writing, editing, creating, designing, programming, publishing, updating, revising, maintaining all our online articles, photos and videos for the general public.

Richard is “first responder” to all pre-operative inquiries from prospective patients by email and phone.

Richard RothHaas Letter of Appointment

He compiles and manages patient case files for evaluation by Dr Djinovic as well as our electronic records system.

If needed, he can be contacted by phone at: +1-216-220-4220

However, most information that patients need about surgery is detailed and complex.

It is often best written in an email message where it can be studied at leisure and reviewed.

Sava Perovic Surgical Team at work

After surgery, all patients have direct, unrestricted 24/7 access to Dr Djinovic by phone and email. His cell phones have Global Roaming and work in many countries which he visits.

Some patients find submitting their questions and concerns in writing by email and getting a written response from Dr Djinovic is more effective and useful.

Patients are welcome to ask Richard to place his/her inquiry in their case file and help get an answer as soon as possible from Dr Djinovic who is often in surgery up to 14 hours per day.

Dr Djinovic reviews active case in a cycle and in batches. The system is independent of email communications. He has secure access to the confidential digital case files from anywhere in the world.

Richard manages and arranges consultations and appointments for surgery in Belgrade and other locations.

Sava Perovic Foundation contact info to become a patient

He informs you of the Dr Djinovic's comments about your case and the doctor's answers to any questions you have prior to your pre-operative consultation and physical exam with him in Belgrade.