Urogenital Surgical Procedures

Genitourinary surgical procedure price quotations for international medical tourism visits to Belgrade for surgery by the Perovic Surgical Team led by reconstructive surgeon Dr Rados Djinovic are always package prices quoted in Euros (€) that include everything medically related to the surgery & health care provided, such as: Evaluation of pending cases by Dr Djinovic take 1-7 weeks

  • transport of the medical tourist from airport;
  • the fee of the reconstructive surgeon & other surgeons;
  • the cost of the Belgrade clinic or medical tourism hospital;
  • medicines;
  • patient's stay in the medical facility; and
  • nursing care …

but NOT the cost of:

A prosthesis or any implants are NEVER included in a urological surgery international medical tourism package price except in the sole case of testicular implants for scrotoplasty.

In all other cases, the implant cost, such as an AMS penile implant, is quoted separately and specifically NOT invisibly included in the package price.

Brands, models, types and sizes of implants, particularly penile implants, vary in cost significantly and prices fluctuate.

Cost of a prosthesis is quoted on a case-by-case basis when we know your preferences. Penile implant manufacturers set prices country-by-country. It is not within the surgeon's control.

Manufacturers also increase or decrease the cost of a penile prosthesis in a particular country without notice.

Visit our site on the topic of penile prosthesis male enhancement surgery packages if the problem is erectile dysfunction (E.D.).

Visit our site about Peyronie's disease treatment, bent penis surgery and penis curvature correction if you know someone with that type of health problem.

Prices are quoted in our response to a patient's submission of:

  1. the person's medical history; and
  2. a request to schedule surgery; and
  3. photos when relevant, which is always unless the problem is invisible, then we need scanned copies of medical affidavits and medical imaging.

Submission of your medical history is optional but advisable.

Providing a medical history and photos to the Surgical Team led by Dr Djinovic to evaluate your case or even travel to Serbia for a personal, face-to-face consultation with the reconstructive surgeon does not obligate you to get any surgery.

It only results in an action plan and price quotation for your consideration.

If you find the medical advice, cost quotation and surgery date proposal acceptable, notify us within two weeks to convert the proposal into a firm appointment for surgery.

Do NOT send photos as email attachments, if at all possible. Use the method explained on our article about How to Send Urologic Photos & Medical Imaging.

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Urological Surgery International Medical Tourism Packages

We offer the following procedures, reconstructive surgery and more:

Urethral Surgery

  • All types of urethral stenoses — meatal, anterior and posterior urethra with or without buccal mucosa grafting;
  • Balanitis xerotica obliterans caused stenosis;
  • Urethral trauma; and
  • Urethral fistulae.

Intersex Surgery

  • Feminization; and
  • Masculinization.

MtF GRS | Transsexual Surgery | Male to Female Operation

Dr Djinovic adheres to the WPATH Standards of Care.

  • MtF SRS Vaginoplasty from penile skin
  • Male to Female Surgery Vaginoplasty from recto-sigmoid segment

Correction of Adult & Pediatric Congenital Abnormalities | Congenital Anomalies in Children & Adults | Abnormal & Deformed Genitalia

  • Cryptorchidismus;
  • Inguinal, umbilical and other hernias;
  • Creation of umbilicus;
  • Penile duplication;
  • Penile ectopy;
  • Megalourethra;
  • Duplication of uterus; and
  • Male incontinence (congenital or iatrogenic after prostatectomy) ARGUS implantation.

Kidney, Pyelon, Ureters and Urinary Bladder Surgery

  • Pyeloplasty;
  • Bladder exstrophy;
  • Ren arcuatus;
  • Nephropexy;
  • VUR: Extravesical ureters re-implantation or endoscopic instillation of DEFLUX (sting procedure);
  • Neurogenic bladder — bladder augmentation with bowel or autoaugmentation with rectus abdominis muscle; and
  • Urethral reconstruction.

Female Genital Modification

  • Hypertrophic clitoris;
  • Hypertrophic labia minora;
  • Hypertrophic labia majora;
  • Urethral cysts;
  • Female urethra reconstruction after injury/rupture — sphincter reconstruction;
  • TVT and TOT treatment of stress incontinence;
  • Cystocoele and Rectocoele: Anterior and posterior vaginal wall plasty using VIPRO mesh;
  • Vaginal/uterus prolapse — trans-vaginal colpo/uteropexy for sacrospinous ligament;
  • Vaginal agenesis (Mayer-Rokitansky syndrome) — vaginal reconstruction using recto-sigmoid colon;
  • Vesico-vaginal and recto-vaginal fistula; and
  • All types of external genitalia deformities.

FtM SRS | Transsexual Surgery | Female to Male Operation

Dr Djinovic adheres to the WPATH Standards of Care.

  • Mastectomy;
  • Hysterectomy with Salpingo-Oophorectomy — trans-abdominal or trans-vaginal;
  • FtM SRS: removal of all genitalia, including vaginectomy, trans-vaginal hysterectomy and oophorectomy (also know as ovariectomy — surgical removal of the ovaries) plus Perovic Metoidioplasty with scrotoplasty (including prosthesis);
  • FtM Perovic Metoidioplasty with vaginectomy and scrotoplasty (testicular prosthesis included);
  • Perovic Metoidioplasty with scrotoplasty (prosthesis included) for patients who have already received oophorectomy, hysterectomy & vaginectomy;
  • Total Phalloplasty using MLD flap:
    • Stage One
    • Stage Two
    • Stage Three

Male Genital Modification

  • Buried penis;
  • Penile curvature — plication or grafting (bent penis, adult chordee | penile chordee | congenital penile curvature)
  • Hypospadias repair — all types, children and adults;
  • FAILED Hypospadias repair correction;
  • Epispadias — children and adults;
  • Penile Enlargement Surgery | Penile Augmentation | Penile Enhancements — both lengthening and widening (girth enhancement) using tissue engineering (available at Sava Perovic Foundation Asian Division Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgery Institute),
  • Only girth enhancement using scaffolds (no lengthening | cost of scaffold material included).
  • Gynecomastia and/or nipple reduction at the same time as penis enhancement surgery*
  • Buttocks liposuction at the same time as penis enhancement.
  • Mb Peyronie (Peyronie's Disease):
    • Tunica albuginea plication;
    • “real penile lengthening” (grafting using geometrical principle); and
    • prostheses implantation
  • Erectile Dysfunction correction using venous ligation (total penile disassembly):
  • Geometric disproportion — reduction corporoplasty;
  • Penile trauma — accidental or iatrogenic penis injury repair;
  • Broken penis, penile fracture;
  • Vaso-vasostomy;
  • Trapped penis with missing penile skin — single-stage penile skin reconstruction using scrotal flaps;
  • Micropenis syndrome correction — Total Phalloplasty using musculocutaneous latissimus dorsi (MLD) flap for micro penis correction
    • Stage One
    • Stage Two
    • Stage Three
  • Low-stage penile cancer — organ sparing surgery; and
  • Glans injury — glanuloplasty.
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