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Who We Are & What We Do

The core of Sava Perovic Foundation is a group of five people. The current group was assembled and recruited personally by Professor Sava Perovic and has been working together since 2007.

  • Sava Perovic was awarded the title of “Akademik”, Serbia's highest professional & official honor, because he is internationally accepted as one of the country's greatest contributions to the world — on the same level as Nikola Tesla.
  • The Foundation and surgical team is led by Dr Rados Djinovic, recruited by Professor Perovic in 2003.
  • From mid-2004 until the Professor passed away in 2010, Dr Djinovic continually traveled with Dr Perovic, learning his secrets by hands-on surgical training.
  • Within five years of the great Professor passing, Dr Djinovic was elected Chairman of the Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons Section (ESGURS) of the European Association of Urology (EAU).
  • The 43-year-old EAU is the leading authority on urological practice, research and education in Europe and represents more than 12000 urology professionals from 117 countries worldwide. It’s mission is to raise the quality of urological care in Europe by promoting professionalism and competence among its members.
  • The Foreign Patients Coordination System (FCPS) is our case file creation and periodic evaluation system. Richard RothHaas, the FPCS International Case Manager, advises, informs, documents, facilitates, coordinates, supports & helps patients get the surgery they need as a result of contacting us online. He ensures Dr Djinovic has everything needed to determine the best surgical solution for each person. Richard gets comments, evaluations, proposals, cost quotations and answers directly from the surgeon for the patient. All incoming and outgoing phone and email communications with patients on our private network are kept totally confidential using AES-256-CBC 256-bit encryption with Anti-DNS Leak, Anti-IPv6 Leak and Anti-WebRTC Leak protection.
  • Our surgeons perform about 74 complex genitourinary procedures, specializing in the most challenging and complex.
  • Many patients come to us because they got bad results from other surgeons at other centers.
  • In the Perovic tradition, everyone is welcome — newborns, children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, males, females, transsexuals, any nationality, any race, any religion.
  • Dr Vladislav (Vlada) Pesic is the important and specialized “sprinter” of our team which often performs marathon surgery.
  • Most of our patients are from nations outside of Serbia and the Balkan region. People come for the supreme surgical results, not because we are convenient and nearby.
  • About 99% of patients get answers to all their questions, a free evaluation by Dr Djinovic & a precise, reliable cost quotation long-distance by email in advance. No need to go to Belgrade before surgery.
  • All patients always have a consultation and physical examination face to face with Dr Djinovic in Belgrade a day or two before any surgery.
  • Pending cases are reviewed periodically in batches once every 1-7 weeks. During our busiest period of recent years it has taken 51 days for Dr Djinovic to find time to evaluate waiting cases.
  • The surgeon's schedule tends to be fully booked 100-120 days into the future. Plan ahead.
  • The demands on the surgeon's time are very extreme. Interacting with Dr Djinovic requires patience. Only patiently waiting succeeds. There is no way to speed up the process.
  • At our peak of activity in 2014, the surgeons were doing as many as 60 procedures per month, up to 17 hours per day, with some procedures taking 10 hours each.
  • A surgical package and price quotation is always a flat fee and a complete solution that includes correction of ALL the urogenital problems and EVERYTHING surgically necessary to get a good result, normal function, normal appearance.
  • The surgeons communicate with patients primarily in English but can also speak Russian, Serbian.
  • A parent is always welcome and expected to stay with their child in hospital.
  • Although it is standard procedure in a number of countries, Dr Djinovic never ties children to their bed for any reason.
  • It is standard, complimentary, Serbian hospitality for the surgeon to send his driver to greet you at Belgrade airport on arrival and take you to your accommodations in the city, if you provide us with complete details about your arrival flight sufficiently in advance.
  • Surgery date proposals from the doctor remain valid for a period of 14 days. After that, the surgeon reserves the right to give that time slot in the schedule to another patient.
  • Pre-arrival tests should be done 4-7 days before you fly. Testing is available in Belgrade and very affordable but is not included in any price quote.
  • Surgical fees are paid in Euros, cash, directly to Dr Djinovic only. An alternative is to pay by wire transfer a week or more before surgery. No checks. No plastic.
  • We encourage the use of file sharing services such as to send us your private and confidential photos, medical documents, and medical imaging, after putting everything in a single folder, then compressing it with encryption as provided by WinZip, WinRAR & 7zip.
  • Many nationalities can visit Serbia with only a passport. Some nationalities are required to obtain a visa for entry.
  • Document creation by the doctor (pro forma invoice, invitation) can take seven days up to 172 days or longer. The person needing a document must give us in electronic text format (.TXT file) a perfect draft of the document for the surgeon to use as a template. It must be in English. Dr Djinovic has insufficient time to draft any document from nothing.
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Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday   9 am to 5 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday — Closed