Mandatory Pre-Arrival Blood Tests & Medical Tests

Pre-Operative examinations and analysis

All medical tests, including blood tests, that should be done the week BEFORE medical travel to Belgrade are NOT included in package prices.

In December 2016, Dr Djinovic said:

It is always better to get tests at home — in case there is something problematic. Then the patient doesn't need to come to Belgrade, or we can react in time to correct it.

Pre-operative tests are free of charge (if needed), except HIV, Hep B and C which are Euros 50.

For procedures that require approval by psychiatrists or qualified mental health professionals, the original psychiatric evaluations approving surgery (on the professionals' official stationary and with their signatures affixed) MUST be hand delivered to Dr Djinovic when you go to Belgrade.

Do NOT send them by any other means.

Both children and adults need to be healthy without any active illness to be suitable candidates for urogenital reconstructive surgery.

Before medical travel, a physical exam and number of PRE-ARRIVAL tests are required and mandatory to ensure you have no medical conditions that would increase the risk of surgery.

All PRE-arirval tests listed in the table above are excluded from all surgery packages.

Any medical exam done in Belgrade will be charged by the hospital directly to you.

The purpose of the pre-arrival (before arrival) tests are to show you are fit to undergo surgery before you go to Belgrade.

Yes, it is possible to do the tests in Belgrade to fulfill the requirement but that will not enable you to postpone the trip if you are unwell.

If you decide to get the tests done in Belgrade, you must make an appointment with the hospital for the tests in advance.

The tests must be done between 8-9 am at least one day before surgery.

Patients MUST NOT eat before the tests to get accurate results.

Pre-arrival tests are not part of any surgical package and are not included in the surgeon's fee because they are expected to be done the week prior to traveling.

If a patient is confident, without evidence, that he/she is fit and well and strong enough to get surgery, the tests can be done in Belgrade if the person finds it more convenient or affordable to do so.

For children, the six required tests include:
(US dollar cost of doing these tests in Belgrade is approximate | BM = Bel Medic | MSB = Medicinski Sistem Beograd aka Belgrade Medical System aka Beoklinika)

  1. Pediatric Exam — BM: €50 | MSB: €45 ($59)
  2. Blood Analysis — BM: €20 | MSB: €20 ($26)
  3. Urine Analysis — BM: €15 | MSB: €14 ($18)
  4. Blood Group — BM: €16 | MSB: €15 ($20)
  5. PT — BM: €5 | MSB: €4 ($5)
  6. PTT — BM: €5 | MSB: €4 ($5)

The anesthesiologist, pediatrician or Dr Djinovic may require additional blood tests, if they consider them appropriate. If needed, those seven additional blood tests would include:

  1. sugar level
  2. urea
  3. creatinin
  4. ALT
  5. potassium
  6. natrium
  7. chloride

Cost for these additional exams — BM: €25 | MSB: €20 ($26).

For adults, the seven required pre-arrival tests include:

  1. Internist Exam [internal medicine specialist] — BM: €56 | MSB: €55 ($72) [MSB includes examination by specialist, ECG, and ultrasound heart exam]
  2. Blood Analysis — BM: €50 | MSB: €50 ($66)
  3. Urine Analysis (urine test, urinalysis — BM: €15 | MSB: €14 ($18)
  4. Blood Group (blood typing — BM: €16 | MSB: €15 ($20)
  5. PT (Prothrombin Time | Clotting Time — BM: €5 | MSB: €4 ($5)
  6. PTT (Partial Thromboplastin Time — BM: [€5 | MSB: €4 ($5)
  7. Chest X-Ray — BM: €20 | MSB: €16 ($21)

If you come to Belgrade unwell or unsuitable for surgery, your surgery WILL be postponed.

Adult blood tests should include HIV, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C.

HIV+ or Hep C positive disqualifies a person from elective surgeries.

Bring blood test results and the medical information from the other medical tests when you come and hand deliver them to Dr Djinovic.

The doctor exam and lab tests tell the physicians and surgeon a lot about you.

Urinalysis alone can reveal nearly 100 indicators of your health, especially how well your kidneys are working.

Urine analysis is very useful and will tell them whether urine clarity, odor and color are normal as well as specific gravity, presence of protein, glucose level, nitrites, ketones, leukocyte esterase and much more.

Blood tests enable blood typing at the same time as checking for serious problems such as cancer, coronary disease, diabetes, anemia, and the various types of hepatitis.

A blood test will show quality of liver function, kidney function and complete blood count, including the red & white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin, hematocrit and mean corpuscular volume.

It will show total, HDL and LDL cholesterol levels.

The Prothrombin Time blood test is sometimes called “International Normalized Ratio Test” (INR or PT-INR).

PT measures extrinsic coagulation and PTT measures intrinsic coagulation.