Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Chicago Miracle

Moving the Boundaries of Medicine and Surgery: Part 3, Professor Schechter and His Team Did a Miracle!

Dr Rados Djinovic:

Well, actually, my idea is to use and abuse Professor Schechter to come here many times. I’m sure that we will have very good collaboration — mutual collaboration.

00:27 What we are planning is to offer to the patients his services also.

00:33 Because we are dealing with one very specific field, and very specific pathology problems, but he is indisputably one of the leading plastic reconstructive surgeons.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

00:47 Plastic surgery was always something our Professor Perovic considered exceptional.

00:55 He was always delighted, Dr Kim knows very well, with plastic and reconstructive surgery.

01:00 He always treated [using] that, and that is the reason why he made such a great achievement in this specific field — because he was the first, and only one, I think, that used plastic surgery principles [in urology].

01:13 He had pretty much insight into general plastic surgery.

01:16 And he used these principles into genital urinary reconstructive surgery.

01:21 I immediately got millions of ideas how to use this exceptional experience and knowledge of Professor Schechter to offer his services to our patients also.

01:36 Because the things that he is doing are, I’m fairly sure, done on this level only in few centers on the planet.

01:47 I’m very sure that we will have very fruitful cooperation and share this experience.

02:00 And all of this, the primary [goal] of this, is to help these people who are really very often desperate.

Plastic Surgery Before and After

02:11 I was impressed by one report that I saw on Discovery Channel, that was a few years ago, about a lady who had a tumor, very unusual, a huge tumor, about 100 kilos heavy, on her back.

02:29 Nobody wanted to operate on her when she had a tumor of 30 kilos.

02:37 They finally found some guy, ‘some weird guy from Chicago’ who accepted to operate on her.

02:50 In that condition, I still very clearly [recall] the photos, she was very thin, her body weight was [not] more than 30-40 kilos, and the tumor was about 100.

03:08 She couldn’t live very long with that thing. It looked horrible.

03:14 But Professor Schechter and his team did a miracle!

Sava Perovic Foundation contact info to become a patient

03:18 They did surgery for 20 hours or more.

03:21 They gave her about 20-25 liters of blood transfusions and everything.

03:26 But eventually, when they showed her after a few months, she was like a normal person.

03:33 It was incredible!

03:35 Why am I exaggerating and eager at this moment and happy?

03:43 It is always great happiness when you meet somebody that is similar to you, that is similar to our leader Professor Sava Perovic.

03:51 Those are the people who move the boundaries of medicine, of surgery.

03:57 During some conversation with Professor Schechter, I saw how his mind and brain are similar to our Teacher [Sava Perovic].

04:08 He always thinks about something: how to change and improve, to do something that at this level and at this moment almost impossible — almost impossible.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

04:17 I’m really honestly delighted to have an opportunity to meet such a person here in Belgrade, to host such an expert.

04:29 And I’m happy that I’m sure that I will learn a lot from him, and I will steal a lot of his knowledge during these contacts.

04:38 I would ask you Loren to present: to tell a little bit to our patients.

04:49 Primarily, what is actually your area of greatest interest?

04:57 I know that you do everything, from head to toes, children, adults, everything.

05:06 Professor Schechter is also very famous in America.

05:09 He operated many times on ‘Extreme Makeover’ and shows like that, when people can come to a plastic surgeon and change their body completely.

05:21 He is very famous for that in the United States.

05:25 But what are your fields of work? And what are your special interests?

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