Urological Surgical Procedures: “A Magician in This Field

Moving the Boundaries of Medicine and Surgery: Part 2, Professor Sava Perovic & Dr Rados Djinovic

Dr Loren S. Schechter:

Let me first thank Dr Djinovic for his incredibly warm welcome here in Serbia, and for the hospitality of Bel Medic clinic.

00:25 I’ve been wonderfully impressed with the facilities as well as my experience here with Dr Djinovic.

People from Belgrade

00:32 We have many Serbian people, of course, in Chicago, so I was speaking with them before I left, and they told me how wonderful Belgrade, and Serbia was, and they didn’t do it enough justice.

00:45 It has been absolutely fantastic!

00:47 And Dr Djinovic, and people here in Belgrade have been warm and incredibly gracious to a visitor here from Chicago.

00:56 Let me again thank Dr Djinovic.

Urology Specialists

01:01 I had the opportunity to come to Belgrade and to learn and study from truly one of the masters in the world in the field of complex reconstructive urology and genital surgery.

01:14 Dr Djinovic is truly like a magician in this field.

01:19 And it’s been an honor for me to come from Chicago and to learn from such a master in this field.

01:26 To introduce myself, my name is Loren Schechter, I’m Chief of Plastic Surgery at Chicago Medical School and President of University Plastic Surgery and I’m a plastic surgeon.

01:37 I first learned of Doctor Perovic Foundation from reading many articles because Doctor Perovic was, of course, an international master in this field.

Journal of Urology

01:49 I also had the opportunity to read and study from the world literature which Dr Djinovic has written on these topics of very complex reconstructive urology and genital surgery, and transgender medicine, so I feel like I knew Dr Djinovic before I even came to Serbia and Belgrade.

02:11 We have a mutual colleague in Chicago who also said how wonderful Dr Perovic, Dr Djinovic was and that I would experience a wonderful time here in Belgrade.

Dr Rados Djinovic:

But you were a little bit suspicious, right?

Dr Loren S. Schechter:

Well we never know, of course.

Facts of Serbia

02:28 I’ve never been to Serbia or Belgrade. But it’s been an absolutely beautiful country, and the people have been gracious and warm, and hospitable.

02:39 Nothing like I could have imagined.

02:41 And as Dr Djinovic said, I am intent on coming back, hopefully many times in the future.

02:48 I came all the way from Chicago to study and to learn from Dr Djinovic who, again, is one of the masters in this field and is known throughout the world in the field of genito-urinary surgery reconstructive urology.

Sava Perovic Foundation contact info to become a patient

03:03 I learned a great deal over the course of the last several days from Dr Djinovic.

Gender Reassignment Surgery

03:10 I came here to study and learn some of his techniques in the field of metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, reconstructive genital surgery, and it’s been an eye opening experience.

03:24 Also the facility is wonderful here at this hospital.

03:28 This is unlike anything we have in Chicago, and it’s been pleasure to work here and to meet the people at this hospital in Belgrade.

03:37 So it’s been a wonderful opportunity for me to learn from Dr Djinovic here in Belgrade, and I hope he will invite me back for many more future opportunities.

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