Surgery Payment Methods

Euros Cash or wire transfer

Surgical fees are paid in Euros cash directly to Dr Djinovic only when you actually go to Belgrade and only for the surgery you are getting during that visit.

Evaluation of pending cases by Dr Djinovic take 1-7 weeks

The doctor has no policy of down payments or advance payments. There are no down payments and no advance payments unless a patient chooses to pay by electronic, bank-to-bank wire transfer.

We are a foundation, not a company, so we do not accept plastic cards or check payments of any type for international medical tourism.

Dr Djinovic and the Sava Perovic Foundation have no “payment plans” like in the USA where credit and buying something you cannot afford is a concept deeply embedded in the system.

An electronic bank-to-bank money transfer (T/T) is a possible alternative payment method for the bulk of a large payment, such as for Total Phalloplasty Package “F”.

However, the doctor still asks patients to bring at least Euros 4000 cash. Patients should always try to bring at least Euros 4000 cash for any surgical procedure, even if a wire transfer is used for paying the bulk of a surgical fee. Dr Djinovic incurs many immediately due hospital costs for patients.

Payment by wire transfer should be sent at least a week in advance (two weeks recommended) so the doctor can make time to check it's arrival in his bank before surgery. Dr Djinovic has little time to check incoming financial transactions because of his very full schedule of surgeries.


All prices are quoted in Euros. The symbol for Euros is . Currency exchange rates change continually all day and every day so our prices in currencies other than Euros also changes.

If you want to know the approximate cost at the moment in US dollars or Canadian dollars or British Pounds Sterling or another currency, you need to search online for “exchange rates” or “FOREX” or something similar.

If you carefully watch FOREX and buy Euros when the dollar (or your currency) is strong and the Euro weak, then you can save a significant amount of money.

The difference between the high and low exchange rate can be 13-25% — a difference of as much as US$5500 at times. If watching FOREX is too much work, then you just buy the Euros and they cost whatever they cost.

Serbian banking is underdeveloped and restrictive.

It is not possible for any international medical tourist already inside Serbia to withdraw or transfer large sums of money in a timely manner.

You must bring the cost of surgery with you or send it ahead in advance.

The preferred method of payment is Euros cash directly to Dr Djinovic in Belgrade when you go for surgery.

After you have had your physical exam and consultation with the surgeon and after you have made a final decision to move forward, get surgery and have signed the Informed Consent Form, THEN is the appropriate time to pay for your surgery.

Belgrade Serbia ATM machines give you cash from your home account

In Belgrade, you will be able to withdraw very little money from your bank account using ATM machines and it would take you weeks to cash traveler's checks to accumulate the amount needed for any surgery because of FOREX restrictions.

Cash or wire transfer in advance (or a combination of the two methods) are the only surgery package payment options.

If you decided to get your PRE-ARRIVAL tests after arrival in Belgrade, you can pay the hospital for those using cash or any type of plastic card.

However, there are international ATM machines all over Belgrade. They enable you to take cash directly out of your home bank account and instantly, automatically convert it into Republic of Serbia Dinar, day or night. Quick, easy, convenient.

Belgrade Airport ATM machine

In Belgrade airport you can sometimes find an international ATM machine that accepts MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron, Cirrus and Plus.

You can withdraw up to Dinar 30000 at one go — about US$270 in mid-2015.

Belgrade Taxi

MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron, Cirrus and Plus plastic cards, credit or debit, can be used easily all over Belgrade to pay for food or other services.

NOTE: Taxis require cash and usually accept only Dinar. But patients can expect our driver to meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodations if you have provided us with complete arrival flight details sufficiently in advance and request the complimentary service.


The Sava Perovic Foundation is not a company nor a business but a teaching foundation. For that reason, it is not a member of any insurance schemes or insurance networks.

Insurance schemes run by governments such as the “JU-5 Datasheet” of Germany, do not pay for nor do they enable patients to be reimbursed for surgery performed at private hospitals and clinics in Serbia.

Dr Djinovic does not use government medical facilities in Belgrade for global medical tourists (a requirement of European Union healthcare coverage). More importantly, Serbia is not a member of the EU. And many Serbian don't want to join the EU.

Patients have not had much success trying to use insurance providers in the Netherlands.

The national healthcare system of Belgium has promised to reimburse Belgians who get surgery from Dr Djinovic.

Some American insurance companies have also promised to reimburse their clients who have received pre-approval from the insurer for surgery by Dr Djinovic. We can issue invoices and receipts and medical affidavits but we do not get otherwise involved with insurance companies. We do NOT process claims.

Every day insurance companies enter into new contractual arrangements with European hospitals. It is a common and easy if the insurance company is truly interested in extending their coverage to include the world's best urogenital surgical solutions which are available only in Belgrade, Serbia or Geneva, Switzerland. Exclusive and expensive Switzerland is only appropriate for people who do not need to ask about cost.

Some of the leading private hospitals used by Dr Djinovic can process insurance claims only through the providers listed below and only for services they provide to you that are outside the surgical package provided by Dr Djinovic — such as the pre-arrival tests required of all patients. Those tests don't cost much.

  • ALICO - Del Am Life
  • Allianz
  • AP Companies
  • Cigna
  • David Shield
  • GMC
  • International Global Benefits Group
  • Mobility Saint Honoure
  • SOS International
  • Van Breda


  1. The hospitals are NOT our own. They are independent private contractors.
  2. Doctor Djinovic is NOT their staff.
  3. They are hired by the doctor to provide support services and a good operating room.
  4. They are NOT part of the Sava Perovic Foundation.