Transsexual Health Tourism Report: The African-American Perspective

Hello, Richard!

… It’s been a week since my return to the USA.

During the flight and this past week I’ve had ample time to think about the life changing events I experienced in Belgrade.

First let me begin by thanking you for all your involvement and care for making this a comfortable, easy and a rich experience.

You, my friend, were key to making this all happen for me.

There will never be any words that can express my appreciation for all that you did and all that you do.

As for Perovic and his team of experts, there are not enough words to describe my feelings for him and his medical staff.

I was amazed how above and beyond Perovic, Djinovic and head nurse, Mema had gone to ensure our comfort.

I’ve been under the knife more than a few times but never have I ever experienced the level of care provided in Belgrade.

The moment I entered the clinic all my jitters and fears dissipated because of the straightforwardness of Perovic and Djinovic and their down-to-earth attitude.

They were a couple of regular guys with the gift to forever change a person’s life.

The feeling of pretentiousness or arrogance never presented itself during the course of the conversation, but on the other hand there was a level of confidence and wealth of knowledge which reinforced my decision as to why I chose Sava Perovic Team.

Friendly medical facility staff

What followed after only made a complicated and difficult procedure as easy as it could get.

The nursing staff was more than amazing.

They honestly and genuinely cared and tended to each patient with the utmost respect and dignity.

Never once did I feel awkward when they attended to my needs.

Attentive and caring medical tourist hospital staff

A special thanks to two particular nurses who cared for me just as if I were their family, Sonya and Helena.

The attention of the nursing staff gave me a different perspective regarding the treatment of patients here in the U.S.

There is a lot to be said about common courtesy and empathy and wanting the best outcome for another human being.

I lend this attitude and attentiveness of such superior treatment to my remarkable recovery after a complicated procedure.

Although I know that not all care providers in the U.S. are all bad, the difference of being treated as none other than an equal, along with the emotional capacity to care, sets this Belgrade team apart from many others.

Pain management and the willingness to communicate and provide you with the best techniques possible made for outstanding results.

As I heal, I become more and more excited about the possibilities of the final stage of my phalloplasty.

Until then, I feel very blessed to have come this far.

My friend and I were speaking about how we could support here in the U.S. the work of Dr. Perovic and the work you do.

There are a few men thinking about making the trip to Belgrade after hearing of my experience.

You already know about one and maybe a few others to follow within the year.

As part of our work and dedication to the transgender community we want to make available as much information and options available for those seeking SRS.

For those interested in seeking the Sava Perovic Team, I’m also dedicated in supporting their experience in anyway I can.

I will be attending several transgender conferences this year and hoping that could be a more organized method of giving these guys information about Dr Perovic and Belgrade.

I'd be willing to do what I can to enlighten the transgender community as well as the medical community here in the USA.

Peace and Blessings, L.G., Chicago, Illinois, USA