FtM Phalloplasty: The African Perspective

I am just writing after Stage 1 surgery to say how impressed I have been by the care and expertise shown by the team at the Sava Perovic Foundation.

I was stunned by the skill, professionalism, humility and humanity of Dr. Djinovic and the team.

The nursing staff at the hospital were absolutely wonderful and I think that the only time I stopped laughing during the two weeks was when I was under anesthesia!

They made what could have been a difficult stay actually very enjoyable.

Needless to say, I have implored/ insisted that I go back to the same hospital for my next two surgeries … (please note!)

Thanks also for your skill in sorting out all the necessary paperwork and organization.

I am so glad that I am being looked after so well by you all and am convinced that I could not have had better care anywhere else.

— With very best wishes, John [13 May 2011]