Hotels in Belgrade & Rental Apartments in Belgrade

Patients have used dozens of services providing rental apartments (flats) in great Belgrade locations. Prices start from Euro 20 per day.

Search for lodging, avoid being tracked and get unbiasted results by using DuckDuckGo search engine or StartPage.

The situation has been very dynamic over the past decade and service providers have come and gone, making it difficult for us to make recommendations that remain valid for long periods of time. One lodging provider that has been around for many years is Domovina.

Patients and doctors have used a variety of furnished apartments in various locations around the capital.

They have found the landlords friendly, responsive and generally helpful. Some budget apartments in great locations cost as little as Euros 22 per night.

Book far in advance if considering a place from Boba of My Apartment Belgrade.

April to October is high season for visitors to Belgrade seeking furnished apartments.

You should select and reserve the place you want well in advance. Plan ahead.

It is no longer easy to find a decent place at an affordable price on short notice, either apartment or hotel.

Any place in the city from Slavija Circle (Square) northwards to Kalemegdan and the zoo will put you in an active, fairly convenient part of the city with affordable and fast access to the Sava Perovic Foundation office and our circle of hospitals.

Sava Perovic Foundation contact info to become a patient

New Belgrade is on the other side of the river and not near but there are a number of bridges and taxis, buses, and trams go everywhere. Zemun and other cool locations on the west side of the Sava River are very nice.

Visitors in Belgrade frequently go to Zemun even if staying on the east side of the river.

There can be wide variation in the details of furnished apartments. Some have everything, including condiments, wine glasses and sharp bread knives.

Others may have only the most basic utensils for cooking at home, dull knives, bent forks.

Level of cleanliness, cable channel choices, Internet access speed, floor space, floor coverings (or lack thereof) noise levels, air conditioning, heating, interior decoration, number of beds, comfort of beds, cleaning service, level of maintenance, age of building, convenience, proximity to supermarkets and open air markets also varies greatly.

Some apartments have land line phones. Some apartment managers will loan you a local cell phone to use during your visit. Some require a deposit for an apartment, others do not.

Some furnished apartments have no elevator/lift and dangerous, old, winding staircases with broken tiles leading to apartments on 4th or 5th floors. ("First" floor is NOT ground floor in Belgrade so a 3rd floor apartment is on the fourth.)

If you have children with you, ask if the cable TV subscription service includes any sex channels. You may not want your kids stumbling across some of those spicy channels between Boomerang, Duck TV and our favorite BabyTV.COM.

TV size and age can go from small, old, Soviet-era boxes that should be in a museum to flat screen LCD or plasma. If TV is important to you, ask specific questions about the display and the shows you like — or dislike. English language TV programming in Belgrade does not overflow with current hits. (Or perhaps furnished apartments only offer less-than-premium cable packages?)

Hotels in Belgrade

Belgrade accommodation is plentiful and there are a couple hundred Belgrade hotels, motels, inns, serviced apartments, hostels and a number of bread & breakfasts.

Google Maps has a good list of accommodations (currently about 147 locations) presented in no particular order. Some places have more than 100 guest reviews, others only a few, some have none.

Some 4-star hotels in Serbia cost more than 5-star hotels but 3-star hotels tend to cost half the price of either one. Here are a few examples of ratings and room rates (in Euros €).

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel (5-star) €255 †
  • Hotel Zlatnik (5-star) €70
  • In Hotel (4-star) €90-€165 †
  • Hotel Villa Belvedere (4-star) €90
  • Villa Geppetto (4-star) €55
  • Holiday Inn (4-star) €107
  • Hotel Sumadija [Best Western] (4-star) €85
  • Hotel M [Best Western] (4-star) €95 † ‡
  • Hotel Slavija Lux (4-star) €100 †
  • Zira Hotel Belgrade (4-star) €135 †
  • Hotel N
  • Balkan Hotel Garni (3-star) €40
  • Hotel Oasis (3-star) €49
  • Hotel Park Belgrade (3-star) €70 † ‡
  • Euro Garni Hotel €48
  • Club Mr. President
  • Hotel Excelsior
  • Hotel Moskva
  • Hotel Nacional €28
  • Hotel Prag
  • Intercontinental Hotel
  • Zlatnik Hotel

† Belgrade accommodation suggested by Sava Perovic Foundation for surgeons who will visit Serbia to participate in one of our annual live surgery training workshops.

‡ Belgrade accommodation suggested by Sava Perovic Foundation for patients on a budget who still want a reasonably nice hotel.

Villa Mondo Belgrade gets a lot of rave reviews by guests but is on the other side of the river in the quiet residential area of New Belgrade (Novi Beograd).

It's not near the medical facilities used by Dr Djinovic. And the main complaint of the hotel's guests is that it's difficult to find. But it has large, well-furnished rooms and provides a complimentary breakfast.

Nearest to one of the hospitals which we often use for pediatric patients is Hotel M [Best Western]. We've seen guests pay a wide range of prices there. Negotiate carefully.

They have renovated and un-renovated rooms. Patients and doctors who used the renovated rooms were very pleased. Those didn't know the difference and went for the lower cost rooms (un-renovated) moved into a furnished apartment at the soonest opportunity.

If you have special dietary requirements, are a vegetarian, a vegan or just like to cook your own food, we recommend furnished apartments in Belgrade.

If you are coming with someone or a group of people, rental apartments in Belgrade can enable you to all stay together — if that is desirable. Some have three or more bedrooms that can accommodate up to six adults and are fully furnished down to the wine glasses and condiments in the food cupboards.

Belgrade Serbia Slavija Square

The further in advance you book hotels in Belgrade or rental apartments in Belgrade the more likely you'll be able to get exactly what you want and exactly where you want it.

One of our favorite locations is in the vicinity of Slavija Circle which everyone else calls Slavija Square. We think it provides some of the best balance between a central location and proximity to the hospitals and our office. But some people think Tasmajdan is the premier location in the city with everything anybody could want.

If you have any suggestions, recommendations, comments, warnings or complaints about Belgrade lodging you have used, we would love to hear from you and will publish the report here.