Multiple Surgeries after Motorcycle Accident: Penile Prosthesis Implantation & Urethral Reconstructions

When I first met Dr. Djinovic in October 2010 for a consultation, I was impressed not only about his competence, but also about something that is difficult to find these days.

He gave me the feeling that NOT everything is about money in this world, because it is his personal interest to get the best surgical results possible on this planet.

None of the arrogance [of other doctors] I had to deal with so many times in the past 14 years after my severe motorcycle accident.

It took me many years to decide to get a penile implant.

I tried Viagra, penis pumps.

I got penile revascularization which didn't solve the problem but rather ruined my urethra.

Then I discovered the website of Professor Perovic in 2009 and read about lengthening procedure with grafting material and simultaneous implantation of penile prosthesis.

Because my spongy tissue of the penis had diminished blood supply over the years, it became scarred and consequently my penis shrank.

Not only that — I had severe impotence.

And I had a small penis too.

Sex life in those years was frustrating and that was at the young age of 21, when the accident happened.

My self-esteem was down, which impacted on my whole life.

So I decided to make a step forward in my life.

I was very impressed with the surgical results [of the Sava Perovic Team], especially with the girth of my penis.

But the lengthening procedure also gave me back my original length.

First I had concerns of getting an implant and how it would feel like.

Also, imagining how to get an erection not in the natural way, but by pumping up an hydraulic device, was strange.

After all, I don't regret having taken this step.

Erections feel natural, orgasms are SUPERB.

Blood flow to the glans has increased and NOT decreased like one often reads after implantation of a penile prosthesis.

This has something to do with the surgeons skills, I guess. [technique]

Sex life has changed totally and self-esteem came back.

Because of a past surgery in 2008, I had severe urethral stricture which was a problem now.

Dr. Djinovic repaired the urethra in a two stage procedure and also repaired a fistula in the same surgery.

Surgeons in my country could not do this at one time.

They wanted to explant me. [remove the penile prosthesis]

That would have had negative consequences for further implantation.

I called Dr. Djinovic and he said: ‘Come to Belgrade, we will fix this. No problem.’

I am impressed with the ‘Belgrade Team’, because they are pioneers in reconstructive surgery.

They are doing whatever is possible in modern medicine.

My decision to get surgery with Dr. Djinovic was led by the impression, that he wont let you down if situation is complicated.

When other surgeons give up, he starts with his work.

So, thank you very much so far!

With best regards, Christian