Surgical Art of Sava Perovic

Merger of Art & Sculpture in Surgery

Perovic urogenital reconstructive surgery is the best but …

  • is complex and challenging micro-surgery that incurs a lot of expense for the doctor;
  • requires the surgeon to have great creativity, inventiveness & a meticulous feel for sculpting;
  • requires the surgeon to be brave, self-critical & always striving for a better solution;
  • requires a fully individualized approach to every case that varies from one surgery to another;
  • requires long hours in the operating room (sometimes up to 17 hours);
  • demands Grade A surgical skill and PLENTY of experience;
  • demands the surgeon be in permanent “training”; plus
  • requires extremely coordinated cooperation by a team of excellent surgeons & medical personnel;
  • all working in a well equipped, hygienic & modern medical facility; that also
  • provides top quality pre-operative & post-operative nursing care.
Professor Sava Perovic MD PhD

Those are only a few of the reasons you can find Perovic procedures for hypospadias, epispadias, Peyronie's, phalloplasty, penile prosthesis implant surgery, urethral surgery, urinary incontinence surgery, bladder exstrophy repair or gender reassignment surgery only a few place beside from the Sava Perovic Foundation in Serbia.

Vested interests, pride, control, power, nationalism & protectionism are additional reasons why you must fly for a few hours to get the best quality results.

Choosing your surgeon is very important.

Surgeons use different methods. Surgeons doing the same procedure can get very different results. Many variations of a procedure can all be called the same thing.

Choose the surgeon whose surgical craftsmanship, surgical techniques, expertise, skills, training and philosophy assures, inspires & encourages you.

When in doubt, don't.

We will not to try to convince you to get surgery. Read the information we have provided. Do your due diligence. The truth is out there.

Perovic surgical results have been among the very best for decades. They are not new. They are not secret.

  • Check the specialist medical journals.

    Or check Google Scholar “Stand on the Shoulders of Giants” which lists at least 377 of Dr Perovic's publications in leading peer-reviewed professional journals.

    These things have not been done in a corner.

  • Professor Sava Perovic performed surgery worldwide for 38 years & created his Foundation to continue advancing his work.

    Surgical results are better than ever.

    Sava Perovic FOUNDATION: based on over 20000 complex urogenital surgeries spanning 38 years

    Anyone who offers you advice about urogenital surgery but says “never heard of Sava Perovic” is exposing the extent of her/his ignorance about urology.

    Good candidates for urogenital surgery have realistic goals and are decisive. Studying the potential benefits while also understanding and accepting the limitations of an advanced surgical procedure will help you have realistic expectations.

    Every Sava Perovic Foundation surgical procedure is fully individualized, personalized & customized to your special needs.

  • Come to Belgrade prepared for a frank pre-operative consultation with Dr Djinovic to re-confirm your medical history, problems, prior surgery and current medications.

    He will explain the benefits & risks of the surgery and physically examine you. If at the end of your meeting, you & the doctor are in agreement, you will proceed to sign the Informed Consent Form and then be prepared for surgery.

    Dr Djinovic continues Sava Perovic's tradition of providing free consultations to patients from outside the Balkan region. He also provides online evaluations and consultations at no cost and with no obligation to get any surgery.

    Although Dr Djinovic's evaluations and medical advice are free and so concise that they may be comprised of only a few words, a phrase or a short sentence or two, it will not be easy to find a better qualified and more accurate evaluation anywhere — regardless of how much you pay.

    Discouraged, disappointed, depressed or even horrified by the standard of urogenital surgical results available in your area? Looking for a much better alternative?

    There is one basic message from all the Internet search engines: Dr Rados Djinovic & the Sava Perovic Foundation Team provide extremely high quality surgical solutions for acquired, congenital, pediatric or adult urogenital anomalies or defects.