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Moving the Boundaries of Medicine and Surgery: Part 4, “Professor Djinovic, who is a master!”

Dr Rados Djinovic:

00:11 What are your fields of work? And what are your special interests?

Professor Dr Loren Schechter:

00:17 Thank you again, Professor Djinovic.

00:17 Let me just say that while we have done truly wonderful cases to help people, I came here specifically to learn from Professor Djinovic and see the amazing work that he is doing, not just in Belgrade, but throughout the world.

Global Medical Tourism & Health Tourism

00:35 Dr Djinovic has patients from all over the world, including the United States, coming here for him to care for them for truly difficult problems in these areas.

00:46 And I was amazed to learn of the international culture here in Belgrade, where Dr Djinovic has patients from all over the world coming here for him to help and to make them better on these very, very difficult and challenging problems that surgeons elsewhere in the world cannot perform.

01:08 So, it’s been an eye opening experience for me to be here in Belgrade and to have the pleasure to learn from truly one of the masters in the world in this field.

01:19 As far as our work in Chicago in plastic surgery, we do very complex reconstructive surgery, we call it reconstructive microsurgery, and that may be for breast surgery, for the head and neck, for the extremities.

01:37 But we also do cosmetic surgery, as Dr Djinovic said — for women, many times after they have had children — on their breasts, on their tummy area for tightening, lifting, adding volume.

01:53 We do many different things in this wonderful field of plastic surgery.

01:59 Both, cosmetic, to make people look better and feel better about themselves, as well as reconstructive surgery for people who have been in an accident or who have had cancers or tumors as Dr Djinovic has said.

02:12 But let me emphasize that it has truly been a learning experience for me to be here and learn from Professor Djinovic — who is a master.

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02:22 I worked with many people in our field, because in plastic surgery we work with general surgeons, with head and neck surgeons, with orthopedic surgeons, and what came to my mind very quickly is that Dr Djinovic thinks and operates like we do in plastic surgery — very delicate, very precise, takes his time, really a perfectionist in this field that requires perfection in order to do the job that he does.

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02:53 So it’s been a wonderful experience for me to learn from Professor Djinovic and all the wonderful people here in Belgrade and at this clinic who have just been fantastic!

03:06 Let me also say that the hospital is truly unique.

03:11 It’s a wonderful place where Dr Djinovic can perform the surgeries: with the anesthesiologist; with the care after surgery; in a very safe and comfortable environment, which is also important, especially because Dr Djinovic has people traveling from all over the world to see him.

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Dr Rados Djinovic:

03:31 This hospital is [quite] specific. It’s actually my favorite clinic.

03:38 I do operate all around the world every week in other countries, other operating theaters.

03:42 But what is different here and specific?

03:47 This is a small hospital compared to many clinics, standard clinics in the world.

03:56 It’s very private.

03:58 People are very intimate.

04:05 Nurses and patients have excellent bonding.

04:08 Everybody is delighted.

04:10 Some of them are coming a few times for surgery, for several-step surgeries, and they are always happy to come here.

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04:17 They always make a connection with staff here — sending mail, flowers for Christmas, and things like this.

04:22 So they all feel very nice, very good.

04:26 And that is actually our idea, because we have patients from all around the world, different cultures. We also have patients from the United States.

04:33 We must make an approach to patients, all of them, to find a way to make them feel really safe, secure and happy.

04:44 Because surgery is definitely great stress for all of us.

04:50 Fortunately, I have never had surgery on myself, but I can only imagine how can one person can feel when somebody needs to do such an invasive procedure and to cut him.

04:59 It gives a lot of anxiety to everybody.

05:06 That is the reason I love this clinic: because everybody is trying to do the best for the patients — to give them the help that they need.

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Professor Dr Loren Schechter:

05:20 Can I say again to Professor Djinovic, thank you for the incredibly warm welcome here In Belgrade.

05:28 It’s been an unbelievable experience to come and work with Dr Djinovic and his whole team and to meet the people.

05:37 He has been a world class host and …

Dr Rados Djinovic:

05:43 That is Serbia. It’s not about me. It’s about Serbia.

Professor Dr Loren Schechter:

05:47 … and the people here have just been warm and welcoming.

05:51 For me as a foreigner here, it has been just perfect.

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