Normal Penis Size vs World's Biggest Penis

A Perovic Total Phalloplasty surgery neophallus can be up to 7 inches (18 cm) long with a circumference up to 5.9 inches (15 cm) — significantly longer and larger than the national average penis size of natal males of any country in the world. Dr Djinovic recommends a standard 6 to 6.5-inch penis size. He does NOT recommend 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches or 11 inches.

Urban Myth?
28 cm (11")
17.8 cm (7")
Surgeon Recommended
16.5 cm (6.5")
16 cm (6.3")
Italy | Russia
15 cm (5.9")
14.9 cm (5.87")
14.4 cm (5.7")
13.6 cm (5.4")
12.9 cm (5.07")
Saudi Arabia
12.4 cm (4.9")

Dr Djinovic can engineer penises 7-11 inches and has done it before according to patient requirements. (Yes, one guy really had the doctor give him an ELEVEN INCH penis.)

Dr Djinovic's general recommendation is UNDER 7 inches or at 7 inches.

Anything over 6.5 inches is not his recommendation, it is the patient's requirement.

If it works for you, why not? But are you SURE it will work for you?

Or are you pre-emptively suffering from Penile Dysmorphic Disorder like so many natal men?

Professor Perovic said about 80% of the natal men who asked him for penis enlargement surgery had no problem with size and had no good reason to get surgery — and he turned them away.

At least four patients who got FtM phalloplasty, later wanted downsizing revisions.

YES! The transguy with the whopping 11 inch penis changed his mind and got Dr Djinovic to make it much shorter and with reduced girth!

His initial overcompensation turned the process into a FOUR stage procedure instead of three and increased by half a year the total amount of time it took him to transition and get on with his life.

Medically speaking, bigger is better with more vascularization and the highest chances of survival.

Under 6 inches is also not recommended although one FtM transguy asked for the smallest possible penis because his wife is tiny and petite.

The main point: every FtM man should spend as much time thinking about optimal penis size and penis measurements as he does thinking about transitioning.

We can certainly understand going for a penis bigger than 99% of men in the world when you have the option and had no penis most of your life.

But what about your partner? Have you asked whether your partner wants you to have the world's largest penis?

Maybe it would be worthwhile to have an absolutely massive penis that makes everybody at the pool or on the beach stare at the amazing equipment in your bathing suit, then later get it revised into a penis size your partner might actually want. But there will be an additional surgical fee. It will mean MORE surgery. And all surgery involves risk.

Certainly, there are cases where a larger than average size would be most appropriate for the persons involved.

Make your own decision based on what is best for you and not what anybody else thinks you should do (unless it's your partner).

Do NOT allow yourself to be overly influenced by pop culture and urban myth regarding penis size.

Then make your very specific and concrete requirements clearly known to the doctor during your pre-op consultation.

Dr Djinovic will then do his best to give you a penis size closest to your target.