Taxi, Bus and Electric Tram

At the airport there is a “Taxi Information Desk”. You can go there and ask for a “taxi voucher” to your destination. The person from the “Taxi Information Desk” will take you to the first available taxi driver. You pay only the amount on the voucher.

However, Belgrade Private Chauffeur Car Service specializes in airport transfers 24/7.

For €20 your chauffeur will meet you in the arrival hall with a name-board and transfer you safely to any destination in Belgrade (hotel, apartment, clinic …) and no extra charge.

The chauffeurs are all experienced, fluent in English, friendly and currently run a fleet comprised of Audi A6 equipped with free complimentary wi-fi for clients.

You can make reservation by calling Vladimir Nikolić +381 63 262471 (SMS: WhatsApp, Viber, FaceTime) or email <>. Belgrade Travel

In Belgrade, you can get a taxi by phoning: (011) 9801 up to 9807.

Every number is a different taxi consortium.

Belgrade Taxi meter

Almost all Belgrade taxis are independent owner operators with a loose affiliation with a taxi consortium used as the contact point for people want to call a taxi by phone.

That means there can be a wide range of car makes, models and ages and a substantial difference in the manners, character, skill, friendliness and language skills of drivers within the same loose association such as Blue Taxi, Pink Taxi, Beogradski Taxi.

Belgrade Taxi

Maxi (Maxiss) Taxi (9804) gives you your 10th ride free if you use their booklet system and call them by phone. It's popular among Serbians.

If you cannot find the meter immediately upon entering your taxi, do not assume there is no meter. It may be electronic and displayed in the rear view mirror — very high tech.

Belgrade Taxi meter in rearview mirror

In our experience, LUX Taxi (SMS 3033 or call 011 30 33 123) provided consistently good and reliable delivery to and pick up from the Sava Perovic Foundation office.

You can hail a taxi on the street, but taxis obtained by phone are very likely to be honest and treat you respectfully because the calls are recorded.

If you feel you have been charged unfairly, you can complain to the taxi owner. If you have any doubts about the fare, ask for a receipt.

A legal, licensed taxi has two signs on the roof of the car. One is a “Taxi” sign and the other is a small blue sign with the Belgrade City coat of arms and a number.

Taxi fare includes transport of accompanying luggage.

It is customary to tip the driver 10% of fare depending on your satisfaction.

Fare starts at Dinar 119 and increases according to distance traveled at Dinar 46/km during regular hours.

Charge per distance is Dinar 58/km on:

  1. Sundays
  2. holidays and
  3. from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am daily.

Trips outside the city start at Dinar 119 but increase at Dinar 92/km. Every taxi has a price list showing those locations outside the city and the cost of getting there.

Belgrade also has buses and electric trams. They don't have a subway and don't seem to need one. Buses and trams cost less if you buy the tickets from a newspaper kiosk before boarding.

Unfortunately, virtually all bus and tram signs and all street signs are written in Cyrillic so it can be difficult to help yourself get around intelligently while in Belgrade.

We recommend you have a destination written or printed in Serbian and show the taxi driver after you get in. With rare exceptions, the driver will know where it is or be able to find it and will take you there by the most direct route.

Visitors generally find most taxi drivers speak a moderate or significant amount of English and are polite, helpful and ethical. During an extended visit to Belgrade, it is possible you will encounter at least one taxi (maybe an illegal one/ fake one) you hail on the street will take you the “long” way and/or will speak zero English. (But even those guys get you where you are going eventually.)

Bon voyage! And welcome to Belgrade SERBIA!