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Medical History form

You can begin solving your urogenital problems by completing our optional Medical History form.

Dr Rados Djinovic, reconstructive surgeon and leader of Sava Perovic Foundation Surgical Team

The Sava Perovic Surgical Team, led by Dr Rados Djinovic, needs detailed, accurate, complete information in order to do a long-distance evaluation before you travel to Belgrade.

Your information is confidential and read by only by Dr Djinovic and the case manager.

Because our medical practice is primarily global, not local, and the surgeon is tremendously experienced and highly trained, patients can get answers to all questions, a free evaluation by Dr Djinovic, and a precise, reliable cost quotation long-distance by email in advance.

Our patients come from around the world and they do not need to visit Serbia for only an evaluation. It makes no difference if the patient's country is in Europe or North America or Asia.

Rarely is it necessary for a patient to go to Belgrade for only a consultation or evaluation unrelated to surgery appointment. All patients have a face-to-face consultation and physical examination with Dr Djinovic a day or two before a surgery appointment.

Cost of the surgical solution for your urogenital problem depends on your medical history (such as relevant previous surgeries) and personal details, such as gender, age, height, weight, BMI.

You can provide that information by email using our Basic Medical History Forms available in plain text or PDF format and sending the completed formt back to us an email attachment.

In addition to your medical history, and copies of all relevant medical reports and medical imaging that are available, the surgeon also needs

  • photos of your genitalia if you are requesting:

    Information about the types of photos needed and how to send pics, radiation imaging, medical document imaging and psychiatric evaluations to us is explained on our page about that. The photos must be of such excellent quality that they can be a long-distance substitute for a face-to-face physical examination in Belgrade.

    Avoid sending photos by email attachment whenever possible. Instead, read our article “How to Send Medical Photos” to learn how to send document scans, photos or medical imaging to Dr Djinovic securely and reliably

    Our goal is to acknowledge we have received your medical history or email message within 24-72 hours. If your contact us on the weekend, a response may take longer.

    Put our email address on your White List or Friends List or Buddies List or Approved Senders List to ensure our messages reach you.

    Yahoo, Mail.RU, Mail.BG, AOL, Hotmail, Live, and Outlook are often prudish and heavy-handed censors.

    They dislike urogenital topics such as like “sex” or “penis” or “vagina”.

    We often link to relevant articles in our messages to patients. Those free email service providers dislike links in email.

    Gmail does NOT censor incoming mail much. It is the best free email service in that regard.

    If you do NOT get an answer from us within a reasonable period of time (approximately 72 hours), it is possible (likely) mail filters of your ISP or webmail provider or email program has blocked our response.

    Check your junk folders or spam folders or bulk folders.

    Evaluations, comments and answers from Dr Djinovic can take 1-19 weeks.

    Providing everything the surgeon needs to diagnose your case ensures you get the response you need in the shortest possible time and the fewest number of reviews.

    Do your due diligence to enable yourself to be able to sign the Informed Consent Form prior to surgery.

    Read carefully what we have already published about your health problem and our surgical solution for it.

    Our articles are usually very condensed and concise with a lot of information that requires careful study and several reads to understand it all.

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