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Moving the Boundaries of Medicine and Surgery: Part 6, Top Plastic Surgeons

Dr Rados Djinovic:

00:21 Thank you for that. But when you spend so much time with him [Sava Perovic], all day, 24 hours per day, than you probably start, unconsciously, to copy some of his attitudes. But it’s OK.

00:35 Once more, I would like to thank my honorable colleagues that came here to Belgrade.

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00:42 It was really a great honor to have such outstanding persons here in Belgrade.

00:49 I’m [fairly] sure that we [have] just started our real collaboration.

00:58 Because together, I think we can make [not only] very great progression in the field that we are doing here but, also, very often, very difficult patients have very complex problems, not only one, but many problems that are difficult to treat.

01:22 And I will [do] my best to use this experience of Professor Schechter and his willingness.

01:34 On the other [hand], he is [fairly] similar to us.

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01:37 That’s why we immediately bonded so well, so good — a very humanistic doctor.

01:44 He treated many patients for humanitarian reasons, which is not easy in the United States. I know very well.

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01:54 He is just one of the people who really moved the boundaries of medicine.

02:04 Thank you very much.

02:05 And I will be very happy to host you again, I think very soon, in Belgrade. I think this autumn.

Professor Dr Loren Schechter:

02:13 Let me thank you again Professor Djinovic. It’s been truly an unbelievable experience to come here from the US and to learn from you and your masterful techniques and to work in such a wonderful setting.

02:28 It’s been opening boundaries for me to travel from the US.

Dr Rados Djinovic:

02:33 Now Serbia will be your favorite destination, right? No more Italy.

Dr Loren Schechter:

02:37 That’s right. I look forward to coming back and visiting with the Professor and learning more and collaborating in the future, and I just want to say that Belgrade has been a wonderful experience for me.

Dr Rados Djinovic:

02:51 OK, thank you.

02:52 ‘Kimmi’, you are traveling in a few hours. Thank you again for being here.

02:58 I mean thanks you are just a member of the family.

03:02 I hope, and I’m sure that we will also improve our collaboration — and that you will come to live and work in Belgrade one day as we plan.

Professor Dr Jin Hong Kim:

03:12 Thank you for more teaching.

03:21 From the beginning, I expected that you will be my teacher after Sava.

03:35 Everybody in this field needs more inspiration about surgery.

03:45 I’m very happy that I have a such a good teacher and brother.

Dr Rados Djinovic:

03:53 Younger brother.

Professor Dr Jin Hong Kim:

03:55 No, you’re my elder brother from the viewpoint of learning.

Dr Rados Djinovic:

04:03 OK. Thank you very much.