Is My Penis REALLY Too Small?

Do NOT let media hype cause you to develop “penile dysmorphic disorder” which some people call “small penis syndrome” and is sometimes referred to more generally as “body dysmorphic disorder”.


Somebody with an agenda and hoping to get money out of you has convinced you that it it's too small and you should pay them to make it bigger. Micro penis is rare. You probably do NOT need to be concerned about how to increase penis size.

You probably have a completely adequate average penis size. You WANT bigger, you don't NEED bigger.

When you start wondering “how can I get a bigger penis” — have reasonable and realistic expectations.

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If you WANT a thick penis, use the best method, minimize risk, optimize long-term good results. Have the penis enhancement done safely and by a surgeon of the Save Perovic Foundation.

The disadvantages of other popular penis enlargement procedures being pushed by surgeons worldwide …

  • serious complications
  • penile deformities
  • serious fibrosis (scarring)
  • permanent penile shortening
  • skin injury
  • necrosis
  • other disastrous results
  • only temporary gains

Forget so-called “penis exercises” to make your penis bigger. It is not a muscle.

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