FtM Metoidioplasty Photos

FtM Gender Reassignment Surgery Results

These FtM pics only show metoidioplasty. FtM phalloplasty pictures showing large, full-size penises 6-11 inches long with substantial girth are found in the dozen articles on Total Phalloplasty.

This gallery of gender reassignment surgery F to M photos are organized from oldest at the top left to increasingly current as you go down the page to bottom right. You can view all the large photos consecutively after clicking on the first.

Post-op FtM pics are larger. Pre-operative photos are smaller. There are before and after photos only for some of the surgical results.

A few of the pre-operative phalloplasty images may be difficult to understand. Many of Dr Perovic's and Dr Djinovic's patients received inferior, downright bad and/or unsual results from one or more other FtM surgeons elsewhere before coming to the Sava Perovic Foundation.

Viewing the post-op photo showing the corrections should help you understand what you are looking at.

With few exceptions, clicking any of the metoidioplasty photos in the FtM gallery will open a version of that FtM pic about 10 times larger in a new browser window, leaving this page still open.

Some browsers such as Firefox can consider that a “pop-up” or “redirecting to another page” and block or hinder the action. Allow the action to see the larger, high-quality metoidioplasty photos.

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