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Moving the Boundaries of Medicine and Surgery: Part 6, Top Plastic Surgeon

Dr Rados Djinovic:

00:43 We don’t [consider] you as a foreigner any more.

00:45 Just like ‘Kimmi’ (Professor Dr Kim Jin Hong, Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Institute), our great friend.

00:48 ‘Kimmi’ is actually a member of the family.

00:51 He has been here many, many times.

00:54 He lived in Professor Perovic’s house for about one year, something like this.

The Sava Perovic Family

01:00 He learned a lot from our Professor and he is one of our, let’s say, Perovic Family throughout the world.

01:09 So, ‘Kimmi’ thank you again for coming here.

01:13 I wanted to ask you, because we are very familiar, we have known each other [a very] long a time, what are your basic impressions about Sava? About everything? How did you find Sava? Why did you come to Serbia from Seoul?

01:35 I know that Serbia is not [very] popular [among] these countries.

01:39 You just told me that for touristic reasons, we are somewhere at the end [of the list].

01:46 We are not very good [at] marketing and things like this.

Sava Perovic Foundation contact info to become a patient

01:49 Why did you come here? And now, after so many years, do you think it somehow influenced your life? And has it been worth coming here to Serbia — or not?

Professor Dr Kim Jin Hong:

02:04 Thank you Professor Rados Djinovic. … [clarifying question] Coming here is like destiny. Who knows?

02:28 Some guy [Dr Kim] in the small town [Seoul] became a medical doctor and tried to find his real teacher or real mentor for life.

Dr Rados Djinovic:

02:38 … a mentor for life … mentor for surgery…

Professor Dr Kim Jin Hong:

… mentor for life …

02:42 I [looked] on the Internet and [found] the articles. And contacted. And he allowed [me to come].

02:52 We needed just few minutes to become real friends and a real son of learning.

Sava Perovic was Great, Rados Djinovic the Same

03:01 He [Sava Perovic] was great.

03:03 And my brother, Professor Rados Djinovic, is also the same — exactly the same personality.

03:12 Actually, when my ‘family’ from Serbia comes to Seoul, I feel some competitive spirit to make them feel comfortable and feel like family.

Dr Rados Djinovic:

03:38 In which way has coming here changed your professional life?

Professor Dr Kim Jin Hong:

03:44 You know, the everyday life of a surgeon who seeks job is boring, boring, a really boring life.

03:57 But suddenly one day, I heard some voice deep in my heart: ‘you should change it’.

Sava Perovic: Mentor for Life

04:08 So I tried to find a real mentor for life. And it was Professor Perovic.

04:16 I [had] contacted several influential urogenital surgeons, professors, but they didn’t reply.

04:28 Only Professor Sava Perovic invited me and accepted me and made me quite different — before and after.

04:47 I remember his voice before my first departure from Belgrade for my stay in 2003: ‘Kimmi, I am very happy to have you’.

Dr Rados Djinovic:

05:08 He actually treated people like his family members, like his closest, not just like colleagues.

05:18 It was not ‘colleagues’. It was just like greatest friends after five minutes.

05:23 It was an amazing gift that Professor Perovic had.

Professor Dr Kim Jin Hong:

Also, you are quite similar. Or exactly the same.

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