Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Moving the Boundaries of Medicine and Surgery: Part 1, Dr Loren S. Schechter MD FACS PhD

Dr Schechter:

  • 13 years experience as a surgeon;
  • sub-specialty in plastic and reconstructive surgery;
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery & Chief of Plastic Surgery at Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine since 2008;
  • Chief of Division of Plastic Surgery Science at Lutheran General Hospital Chicago;
  • certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery;
  • member of:
    • American Society of Plastic Surgery
    • American College of Surgeons
    • American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery
    • American Society of Maxillofacial Surgery
    • Midwest Association of Plastic Surgeons
    • Chicago Society of Plastic Surgery, and
    • Chicago Surgical Society;
  • President of University Plastic Surgery;
  • has doctorate of medicine with honors;
  • is an:
    • American Society of Plastic Surgery spokesperson;
    • a golfer; and
    • long-distance runner.
Dr Rados Djinovic:
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I’m very honored to say that we’ve had some very special guests this last week here in Belgrade, in our Sava Perovic Foundation: Professor Loren Schechter from the University of Chicago, Chief of Plastic Surgery, and Professor Dr Kim Jin Hong, our colleague who has been here many, many times.

00:42 He is a professor in Seoul, South Korea.

00:46 These colleagues are both outstanding in their fields of work in their countries and throughout the world.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

00:57 Professor Schechter is one of the leading doctors in the United States regarding complex plastic reconstructive surgery.

01:10 He has done incredible things. I saw some of his work, it was really something that still impresses me.

01:20 Actually, I saw him before, several times, and on TV’s Discovery [Channel], many different TV [shows] in the United States.

01:28 And I was impressed by the things that he was doing — some things probably unique cases on the planet — and I was so eager to meet this person.

01:41 When he came here, just two days later I found out ‘This is the guy!’ that I had seen [on TV].

01:50 I’m very proud and excited to have him here in Belgrade, Serbia. He came here to share some experience with us regarding transgender surgery.

Creator of Urogenital Reconstructive Surgery

02:06 As everybody knows, we all followers of the famous Professor Sava Perovic who was one of the leading surgeons in the world in the field of genito-urethral reconstructive surgery.

02:21 I can clearly say that he literally created a new field of surgery.

02:26 He was probably the only one who was dedicated completely and only to this surgery — and did ALL of these surgeries, all possible surgeries in the pediatric and adult population regarding genital urinary reconstruction.

02:47 Dr Schechter on the other side [of the planet] is one of the leading [plastic] surgeons in the US for the most difficult cases, the most complex cases in reconstructions.

Facial Reconstructive Surgery & Breast Reconstruction Surgery vs Vaginal Reconstruction & Penis Reconstruction Surgery

03:02 He has done incredible things. It was [really] something for me as a very experienced surgeon. It was really impressive to see what he did after some very severe injuries of the whole body, of the face.

03:20 For me it’s just like a miracle, I must say.

03:24 Now, I will give him a word. Loren, thank you again.

03:31 I just wanted to ask you about your impressions of Serbia. This is your first time in Serbia, right?

Dr Loren S. Schechter:

03:37 This is my first time in Serbia, and definitely not the last.

Dr Rados Djinovic:

03:45 I wanted to ask you to tell us your impressions, when you first found out about Sava Perovic Foundation, when you first decided to come here, your impressions before your flight here, arrival at the airport, and everything after that.

04:06 Is your vision of Serbia, our work, and everything, different from what you thought or is it just what you expected?

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