Penis Elongation Surgery: Ligamentolysis

Penis Lengthening During Penile Enlargement

Penile lengthening using ligamentolysis (optional) can provide gains in penile length ranging from ½ cm erect to as much as 4 cm longer flaccid. It ADDS an additional Euros €1000 to the cost of girth enhancement surgery. This additional optional procedure is more penile plastic surgery than urology and provides primarily aesthetic benefits and mainly in flaccid state.

  • [mean value of flaccid length gain 3.45 cm (0.52, range 2.1 to 4.5 cm) | mean value of erect length gain 0.65 cm (0.32, range 0.5 to 1.0 cm)]

Pubic area liposuction (also optional) at the same time as penis enhancement adds 30 minutes to the entire time in the operating room and adds an another Euros €1000 to the total cost.

Gynecomastia and/or nipple reduction (a third possible option) at the same time as penis enlargement surgery costs an additional Euros €1500.

Any of these procedures done alone and NOT at the same time as girth enhancement using tissue engineering and scaffolds will cost 3-4 times these prices.

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V-Y Plasty or VY flap is never used by Dr Djinovic for ligamentolysis penis elongation surgery because it creates an ugly, visible scar and puts thick, fatty pubic skin at the base of the penis

It's an outdated technique.

Whether done alone or at the same time as penis enlargement, a subcoronal incision is used that heals in a nice, unobtrusive pencil line scar that usually becomes almost impossible to detect unless a person is determinedly looking for it.

In the near future, we hope to publish an article about ligamentolysis because it continues to be the only safe procedure for penile lengthening (for men with NO ED).

Dr Djinovic has the most effective and advanced variation of the technique that avoids slipping and shifting during intercourse and problems such as penile instability which many patients experience when getting this procedure performed by other surgeons elsewhere.

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The fundiform and suspensory ligaments are cut, penile skin is mobilized and fixed low to the tunica albuginea.

Sometimes fatty tissue from the pubic area is mobilized and inserted when needed.

Lowering of erect penile angle is minimized by never cutting all suspensory ligaments and only cutting their distal part.

Do NOT experiment. Do NOT gamble with your penis.

Do NOT be desperate.

You don't need a huge penis or the worlds largest penis.

You probably don't have a tiny penis.

Liposuction While Getting a Longer Penis

Pubic liposuction is an optional additional procedure that can further enhance the perceived effects of penis elongation surgery which are primarily aesthetic.

Depending on the amount of available penile skin, tissue characteristics and amount of pubic fat, gain in length can range from none in rare cases up to a maximum of 1.6 inches.

Do NOT assume you will be the one who gains 1½ inches.

And do NOT even think about 2, 3 or 4 inches.

Do NOT hear what you want to hear and disregard the rest. next:  Improving Skin Elasticity